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Why your business could benefit from car park barriers in Bristol

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Everyone cares about making their property a safer place to be, so have you ever thought about how installing car park barriers could benefit you, your employees and your business? Car park barriers and automatic bollards are a great choice to increase safety, efficiency and convenience for your premises. Here’s a short guide to the benefits of barriers and bollards.

Promote safety

Barriers and bollards are a great choice to increase security for your premises. They provide increased safety for those working or visiting on-site. Car park barriers exist to prevent unauthorised visitors from accessing the premises when installed. This is a great way to make your employees and visitors feel more comfortable, meaning fewer distractions and more work done.

No unwelcome shortcuts

Sometimes the public use car parks as a shortcut – this can be extremely dangerous and cause unusually high levels of traffic throughout your car park. Installing barriers or bollards stops unwelcome motorists cutting through your private car park, making it a much safer place for you and your employees with a lower risk of accidents and hazards. For example, the car park is often part of a business’s fire evacuation strategy – less through-traffic will decrease risk to evacuees and make for easier access for fire services.

No more overflow

One of the great things about car park barriers is that they can stop cars overflowing the car park. Overflow is a serious issue that poses a danger to visitors. In the case of accidents, the emergency services will struggle to reach the premises if the carpark is overflowing, and it may be harder to access the venue. Installing a car park barrier allows the owner to regain control over this issue and prevent future hazards.

Halt trespassers

Using car park barriers and bollards is an effective way to prevent unauthorised guests from gaining access to your premises. Once you install barriers, car park access is restricted only to those who are authorised to gain entry to the area. This could be via a code or pass – depending on the access system you decide on. Any visitor will be stopped and asked to prove their identity, stopping trespassers in their tracks. This will not only provide your employees with peace of mind for their personal safety and belongings, but it is also a relief for the owner to know there is less risk to their premises.

Is it time you invested in car park barriers?

If you own a premises with a car park, installing car park barriers is a proactive step to minimise the risk of damage, hazards and criminal activity on your property. In turn, it’s one of the most efficient ways to create a safer workplace and a happier business.

When it comes to car park barriers, it is of utmost importance to choose a quality installer. Whether it’s installation, repair or maintenance, look for a company that offers to survey your property, is open to discussion and offers advice. If you’re looking for car park barriers Bristol wide, TPS has twenty years of experience in the industry. Here at TPS, we are ready to discuss your requirements and carry out a survey to provide you with a detailed quote for the project.