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Give your business kerb appeal with industrial gates

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Stylish gates can improve the kerb appeal of your home. But did you know they also have the same effect on your business premises, differentiating you from the competition and increasing consumer trust in your products? Professionally installed industrial gates can do so much more than making your business look the part, however. Security, safety and convenience all combine to increase customer confidence and protect your premises from unwanted intruders.

Why automate your industrial gates?

Installing commercial gates has some great benefits for your business. They represent a clear line of defence designed to deter opportunists while demonstrating the professionalism and integrity of your company. You might also opt for automatic bollards and barriers to restrict vehicular access and add a further layer of protection. If you have existing gates or barriers that require manual operation, automation saves time and money while creating a definite security barrier for your business.

What are the best commercial gates for your business?

Typically the needs of residential and commercial gate installations offer little overlap. Industrial gates need to be robust, faster and more durable than residential gates while also being easier to operate and oversee. However, if you want to create a stylish first impression, you might opt for a swing gate for access to the administrative side of your business. These combine an aesthetic appeal with a clear visual barrier when crafted from solid metal or wood.

For most businesses, commercial sliding gates are the savvy choice. These types of barriers are extremely reliable, very secure and require virtually no maintenance. Aluminium gates are a smart choice for commercial installations. They have a high strength to weight ratio, are light and easy to install and offer corrosion resistance for a longer lifespan.

Choosing the right industrial gates for your business

Security begins at the entrance to your business premises. Making the right choice of industrial gates or barriers goes beyond aesthetics and automation to considerations of their configuration and specific application for your company. Roller shutters, security doors and turnstiles may all have a place in your industrial security solutions. Outside, automated bollards and car park barriers prevent access by unwanted vehicles. You may also need to provide specific controlled pedestrian access via single gates.

Considerations when choosing industrial gates for your premises

• Space: width and height may be restricted in urban areas.
• Access: How often do large commercial vehicles access your premises? These usually require a wider gate opening than cars or vans.
• Frequency: How many times a day will your gate be opened and closed? A gate that isn’t rated for the right frequency of use can quickly fail.
• Speed: How quickly will your gate need to operate in order to keep disruption to a minimum?

Industrial safety standards should also be factored into your choices, which is why it makes sense to work with a professional and experienced gate installation company who are proficient in fitting industrial security systems.

Controlling access via commercial gates

While your gates themselves present a physical and visual deterrent, the way you control access to your premises is another critical security consideration. There are a number of technologically advanced solutions available alongside standard keypad and keycard systems. Your installer will advise you on the most suitable system based on volume of traffic and your particular security requirements. The result is streamlined access to your premises that doesn’t compromise the security of your business.

At TPS we have over 20 years experience installing domestic and industrial gates designed to protect your property while enhancing its kerb appeal. Contact us today and our knowledgeable team of experts will be able to advise you on the right gate installation for your commercial property.