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5 benefits of electric gates Bristol businesses can trust

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Does keeping on top of security for your business seem a daunting prospect? In the twenty-first century that can mean securing your property online and offline and it’s easy to overlook the need to protect your commercial premises. One of the best ways to secure your property against the physical dangers of a break-in is to install industrial gates. These provide a physical barrier against unwanted intruders and say you’re serious about security.

Electric gates Bristol businesses can trust are central to the defence and safeguarding of your premises. But there are a plethora of other benefits to installing industrial security solutions for your business. Here are just five of the benefits of installing robust and reliable industrial gates.

A physical deterrent

There’s something about a pair of imposing gates that acts as a real deterrent to opportunists. Combined with a strong security access system, they’ll put off criminals who won’t want to go to the bother of trying to circumvent your systems. Creating a strong visual and physical barrier can be an effective way to protect your property.

A cost-effective security solution

There’s no doubt that installing industrial security systems including commercial gates presents a considerable investment. But it’s also a cost-effective way to safeguard your inventory against theft and damage. Factor in the cost of existing security measures like security guards and mobile patrols and you’ll make a significant reduction on your wage bill.

Installing automated industrial gates with access controls that only allow authorised personnel into your premises saves you time and money. Installing commercial gates means your business is fully protected as part of your wider industrial security systems. Better yet, some gate openers can be retro-fitted for an additional saving.

Controlling access

Total industrial security solutions for your Bristol business can include a range of measures. Automatic bollards can prevent ram-raiding attacks and car park barriers will regulate vehicle access. The point is that with a combination of access features and electric gates Bristol companies can enjoy enhanced levels of control over their security.

It’s essential that you work with a fully qualified and professional installer to create the correct access control system for your premises. This should combine streamlined access for minimum disruption with high-security levels. Your installer will be able to create a solution that delivers the speed, frequency and reliability you need every day.

Complete convenience

Another advantage of electric gates is their foolproof convenience. Fast and reliable gates will operate flawlessly to allow pedestrian and vehicle access day in and day out. Invest in additional security features and you’ll be able to lock your gates automatically or be notified on your smartphone of anyone trying to gain access via the intercom.

Better aesthetics

If you want to make your business look more impressive, consider the aesthetics of your gates. Metal or wooden gates don’t have to look utilitarian to provide the protection you need and can add much-needed style to your premises. In turn that helps to attract customers and boost their confidence in your company. If you want to enhance your reputation as a company to do business with, nothing says your a serious player better than an aesthetic security solution.

TPS provides complete end to end industrial security systems that give your business the protection you need. We can do the groundwork and install your industrial gates to our usual high standards. We can follow up with a full maintenance programme to keep your system operating efficiently to safeguard your premises. If you’re considering a fully automated security solution for your Bristol business then contact us today.