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What Is Preventative Maintenance?

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Just as with any other equipment, assets such as industrial doors develop wear and tear over a period of time which can turn into bigger issues if not promptly attended to. To avoid incurring these problems, commercial and industrial companies can always conduct preventive maintenance that benefits the business immediately and in the long run.

Preventive maintenance is the proactive or scheduled upkeep performed on a piece of equipment to reduce the chances of failure. This kind of maintenance can put business owners at ease and allow them to get the maximum return on their equipment investment thereby ensuring that each and every one of their assets run at its optimum ability.

How does it work?

Preventive maintenance should occur on the recommendation from the equipment’s manufacturer or based on calendar dates whilst the equipment is still operating normally. The equipment is temporarily shut down during this organised date and time for maintenance professionals to perform their outlined tasks and complete the upkeep. With the help of computerised maintenance management software or CMMS, the maintenance tasks are performed routinely in order to avoid costly repairs.


• Improves safety

Overlooking and not attending to a minor malfunction of equipment can create the possibility of unsafe working conditions. Ensuring that preventive maintenance is part of the company’s business strategies improves the safety of equipment and therefore the safety of everyone.

• Mitigates possible larger issues

Preventive maintenance allows business management to address and immediately take action on small issues or problems before they arise, instead of spending more money and going through the trouble of replacing equipment. Planning and conducting preventive maintenance to your production area is by far your safer, inexpensive choice.

• Cost savings

Relying on reactive maintenance wherein the management only take action when a problem is evident can be considered a very costly move since all efforts will be focused on responding to emergencies rather than mitigating minor issues. When a business owner takes advantage of scheduling planned maintenance and minor issues before they evolve into larger problems, the company is sure to save money in the long run. Additionally, an unexpected downtime results in halting production.

• Improves equipment efficiency

All mechanical devices tend to degenerate in functionality over a period of time and continual use. When this happens, the equipment becomes less efficient and unreliable. Performing preventive maintenance helps in slowing down the deterioration process.

• Increases the lifespan of the equipment

Conducting a scheduled and planned upkeep of equipment helps in maximising its working life. Conservation of assets allows businesses to get more hours from equipment, resulting in reduced costs and increased profit.

• Improves reliability

Last but not least, preventive maintenance ensures that all equipment used in the production of a product is always in their optimal condition, thereby enhancing a company’s reliability, customer service and reputation.

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