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What Are Bollards and What Are They for?

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What are bollards?

Bollards are short standalone posts that come in various designs and can be manufactured in different durable materials, including concrete, metal or plastic. Just like security barriers, bollards are installed as a visual divide to mark boundaries and keep vehicles and pedestrians at a safe distance.

However, because of the sufficient space in between each unit, bollards can allow pedestrian access while still effectively blocking vehicles. In some cases where pedestrians are also restricted from entering along the perimeter of the property, metal linked chains will be attached in order to connect each bollard to block people.

In the event of a crash, the bollards are expected to shield and withstand the weight of the damage and the impact. This is why it is crucial that bollards are made of excellent quality, installed properly and maintained regularly. Depending on the restrictions of the property and specific needs of the business, bollards can be installed permanently or have removable mounting options. There are also automatic rising bollards systems and controls available upon request.

K-rated bollards

Each bollard type offers a different purpose and levels of protection. They are primarily graded according to the ‘K’ rating standards, which is a Crash Test Certification issued to bollards, gates, fences and barriers based on the perpendicular impact of a vehicle of a specific weight and at a particular speed. In layman’s terms, this tests the strength of the bollard when it comes to stopping and withstanding an incoming vehicular collision against it. Since the year 2000, the K rating test has been used as a vital requirement before signing contracts.

Different types of bollards

There are several types of bollards to choose from, depending on what your specific requirement is, security against crime, safety against a crash or aesthetics for architectural and landscaping purposes. Let’s discuss each bollard type in more detail.

Anti-ram bollards

A vehicle ram attack is a legitimate concern, particularly among business establishments with glass walls or storefront windows. In this scenario, the attackers intentionally crash through the glass panels to bypass security personnel and get into the place or building. When this happens during business hours, the vehicular crash alone can spell a catastrophe, putting your employees and clients’ lives in grave danger. Anti-ram bollards are K-rated bollards specifically designed for this type of crime and typically have an inner core that is made of solid material, such as pure steel or polyurethane. 

Safety bollards for warehouses

In warehouses where there are a lot of forklifts and delivery vehicles coming and going, safety bollards are used as a visual signal to guide traffic, to stick to the designated areas and pathways only. This also prevents workers from getting into accidents because the bollards serve as a sign that they should not cross or be more careful when in the fenced area. Bollards can also be used to keep unauthorised personnel out of sensitive or high-risk areas and types of machinery that may compromise their safety

Decorative bollards

For architectural and landscaping purposes, there are decorative bollards, which can be customised with various aesthetic specifications without taking the important functionalities out of the picture. They can be manufactured in a wide array of shapes and sizes and painted in different colours. Decorative bollards can also be fitted with bulbs inside to light up at night.

TPS Barriers and Bollards

TPS Gates & Doors Ltd. are a full-service company offering bollard installation, repair, and maintenance of barriers and bollards for businesses. We also specialise in automatic bollard systems that ensure the safety of your premises remotely. To request for a free survey of your commercial property, please complete the contact form on this website or give us a call on 01594 840408.