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The many uses of roller shutters

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The humble roller shutter is a cost effective approach to securing an opening. The benefits of roller shutters compared to other forms of industrial doors include the fact that they are standardised and are therefore significantly cheaper than doors that have to cover large, unusually sized spaces.

Roller shutters for added security

The first use that springs to mind for most people when they think of roller shutters is to add security to the doors and windows of shops. This is an application that has been going on for decades and is a very simple way to prevent vandals and burglars from causing damage to a property.

This approach can also be applied to any other building where additional security is required for ground floor doors and windows. In certain circumstances, it could be an alternative to installing a heavy duty security door in an industrial building.

Roller shutters as doors

In addition to bolstering the security of existing doors and windows, roller shutters can serve by themselves as doors. There are many examples of situations where this could be an effective approach to securing a building or enclosed space.

One example could be a kiosk with an opening through which a vendor serves the public. A roller shutter offers a quick method of securing the opening. If automation is applied then it avoids the need for employees to close and lock heavy hinged shutters. Instead, the shutters can be closed at a push of a button.

Another example where roller shutters make effective industrial doors are in garages and workshops. A roller shutter can close off a modestly sized entrance suitable for cars or vans to pass through with minimum expense and effort for the workers who have to operate it.

Finally, yards and walkways that pass under buildings can be closed off overnight by using roller shutters. This provides extra security, particularly in town centre areas.