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The benefits of installing a barrier or bollard system for your business

Home » News » The benefits of installing a barrier or bollard system for your business

Barriers and bollard systems vary widely between businesses, and it can be hard to know which system will suit you, or even if your existing system is up to scratch. It is worth thinking about what you want to achieve with barriers or security gates, as the range of benefits is broad. Our experts take a look at this topic, and offer their top 3 benefits of a good barrier or bollard system:


The professionals at TPS rate the safety features of a good barrier system to be the most import benefit for busy companies. Most companies have CCTV systems and working industrial doors in place, but these do little to stop unauthorised cars on the land surrounding your company’s offices. A barrier system that only allows authorised cars in is a must for any safety-conscious business, and will ensure staff are not made uncomfortable by unknown cars entering your property. A barrier system should also manage traffic, so that illegally parked cars are not blocking fire exits, or stopping the emergency services from quickly entering the building in an emergency. At TPS, our experts can take a look at your existing buildings and land, and offer advice on which barrier system will work best for your business.


Security is next on the list compiled by TPS. By using a barrier system which restricts access with a code or a pass, you ensure that unauthorised people cannot gain entry to your premises, and so can avoid your business interests potentially being compromised. It can also be centrally located and controlled so that in the event of the carpark being full, the company is able to limit car-entry and stop cars being blocked in, or dangerous parking. At TPS, we recommend a barrier system that runs parallel with any industrial doors you have on your premises. This means that you can link systems together, and double the security afforded by your barrier system.


Through-traffic can be a big problem for many businesses, and it brings with it stressed employees and unproductive mornings. It can be a particular problem if you have a carpark which is built near to other businesses or towns, as passers-by see your company’s land as a potentially free parking spot. It can be difficult for a company to control this problem without a centralised system, and a barrier or bollard system can be an important step in finding a solution. Our experts think that the ability to streamline access to your carpark is a major benefit of barriers and bollard systems and merits inclusion in our ‘top 3’ list. This is because a good barrier system will include the necessary traffic signals and roundabouts which will ease traffic in the morning, ensure entry is only allowed to authorised cars, and as a result limit crashes and collisions. It also keeps your carpark working efficiently.

So what’s the verdict?

A good barrier or bollard system should revolutionise the way your employees use your carpark. It should result in less traffic in the morning and less accidents as staff park. It should prioritise the safety and security of your business, and support existing security systems like industrial doors. At TPS, we believe that a good barrier system is one tailored to your business. We can arrange for one of our professionals to come and take a look at your business, and offer personally tailored advice for improving your existing system, or installing a brand new one.