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Style and substance with your industrial gates

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One of the biggest problems in today’s ultra-competitive society is that functionality is no longer enough and instead products have to be visually impressive as well. As a consequence of this, many manufacturers sacrifice functionality and long-lasting quality for an impressive visual appearance. This is particularly true in the mass-manufacture environment where products created are sold on websites, in superstores or any other environment where they have to compete side-by-side with similar products. At the end of the day what you end up with is a product which is more a case of style over substance.

At TPS Industrial we are fully aware that the industrial gates we manufacture must look the part. As we have mentioned in a previous blog post the gates to your premises provide a first impression to anyone arriving, and if you have clients or customers who are likely to visit then it is imperative the first impression they get is impressive. However, that is only part of the deal. If anything, while industrial gates need to be open and closed on a regular basis, they are usually at their most effective when closed as they are acting as a deterrent to stop any unwanted visitors to your premises, often arriving in the small hours of the morning in a van or lorry.

Security is paramount these days because so many businesses not only hold stock, but also hold raw materials. In the event of a burglary there is the possibility of tracing stolen stock, but trying to track down raw materials is next to impossible. Of course while stock can be replaced, if raw materials are stolen this can massively affect the whole production programme so it is not just the cost of the materials that you will have lost but also the downtime endured while the production process has ground to a halt.

At TPS Industrial we are not only responsible for manufacturing individual industrial gates, but we also produce fencing systems that meet the same exacting standards and which, when combined with our industrial gates, can go a long way towards dealing with any security problems you may have. While there will always be an element of what is called organised crime, much of today’s thieving is classed as opportunistic. In other words, thieves may well drive around an industrial estate looking for any opportunity that presents itself, often in the form of a ramshackle pair of old gates connected by a rusty old chain and padlock that will present next to no challenge to anyone with a half-decent pair of bolt cutters. It even surprises us when we see newly installed gates on commercial or industrial premises that still rely on a chain padlock as the principal defence against unwanted guests.

The gates we manufacture at TPS industrial not only look good, but from a functional point of view, they are an opportunist thief’s worst nightmare. So if you are looking to replace some existing gates or have new industrial gates installed, make sure you give us a call here at TPS Industrial in Lydney, Gloucestershire. We offer a comprehensive maintenance service after installation, and as a consequence restrict our area of operations to a 50-mile radius, though this still takes in Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Chepstow, Newport, Clevedon and surrounding areas.