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Safety first: Helping you choose the right industrial door

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The range of industrial doors out there is endless, and it can be difficult to decide which one is best since your company’s security relies on it. Unlike security gates or barriers, your industrial doors are one of the last barriers between your business and the outside world. It is arguably the most important factor in warehouse security, but it can be hard to choose one when there are so many options. We have asked our experts what they would prioritise in a great industrial door. So take a look at their top tips for making sure your industrial door suits your company perfectly.

Prioritise warehouse security

The first and most important consideration is safety. If the landing bay security is compromised, then your factory is put at risk, and so is your profit. Make sure that your choice of door takes into account how traffic flows into your plant. It should also ensure that you have an appropriate level of visibility. If you have a lot of traffic at your factory door, then you will need a high visibility industrial door. Make sure all of your safety considerations are met when choosing your industrial door by talking to one of our experts.

Make the durable choice

There are many factors which are key to an industrial door’s durability, including its frequency of use. If your door is intended to be opened and closed constantly throughout the day, then you may wish to choose a highly durable option. If, however, you are in a safe and closed environment, and only need to open the door once or twice a day, then you may want to invest in an option that prioritises flexibility over durability. Our range of industrial doors caters to both needs, and can help you find the right balance for your company.

Think about profit

Your profit is increased when your company can move efficiently. Deliveries and outgoing traffic both need to leave and enter your company with the minimum of fuss. A good industrial door will be designed around your productivity concerns, and adapt to your company’s work-flow. The right door will optimise the flow of traffic in and out of your factory, and will increase staff productivity. Our experts can help you, whether you’re looking for a simple off-the-peg solution or a more bespoke industrial door that caters to your exact needs.

Plan for maintenance

All industrial doors need to be maintained regularly in order to work efficiently and safely. Planning ahead for maintenance will ensure that you don’t waste time or money. It is also worth doing some research on what kind of safety compliance laws are relevant to your factory. Our staff can help with this – we have decades of experience in creating safe and legally compliant solutions for our customers, and we are happy to share our knowledge. Have a chat with an advisor today, and take advantage of our bespoke solutions for your company.

Check out the manufacturer

The expertise and integrity of the manufacturer is integral to the quality of your industrial door. A good manufacturer will provide a complete service, from selection and installation to support with maintenance. It’s important to ask about the manufacturer’s track record and ensure that you get a full demonstration of the industrial door working. Our decades of experience in the supply of industrial doors means that we have plenty of expertise when making recommendations. Our staff are highly trained, and we can provide service specialists to make sure that you get a tailored and fully compliant product, so get in touch today.