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Roller shutters: safety 101

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When it comes to installing industrial doors, few options are as versatile or effective as roller shutters. But it’s absolutely crucial to keep safety in mind, as accidents can very easily occur. Read on to find out quick and simple ways to ensure your roller shutter industrial doors are as safe as can be.

Health and safety requirements

There are many of these set out by law, so make sure you do your homework to guarantee that your roller shutters adhere to all relevant requirements. One of the main elements to consider is having an inbuilt safety device installed in your roller shutters. We can advise you about the various options available if you’re not sure which to choose.

Servicing and repairs

Regular servicing and repairs are an essential part of making sure your roller shutters are completely safe. A professional service on a regular basis will quickly highlight any issues, and you can often get these fixed there and then. This has the added benefit of saving money, as the problem could develop over time and end up being extremely costly. Any good industrial door company will offer regular servicing for your industrial doors, as well as supply and installation.

Listen carefully

Chances are one or two people in your company will be responsible for operating your roller shutters on a daily basis. Ask them to listen out for any odd noises when they’re operating the shutters, as these can indicate a problem. Again, being efficient with issues like these can end up saving time and money, as well as ensuring optimum safety.

Ask the experts

As with any industry, it’s good sense to always go to the specialists. If you need industrial doors fitting and you’d like to explore the option of roller shutters, we’re on hand to offer expert advice. Just call us on 01594 840408 and we’ll gladly talk through the options.