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Keeping your industrial doors well looked after

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If you have industrial doors, you will understand that they are an integral part of the security system of your property, and keep your property and employees safe. Industrial doors can become damaged for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you have been the victim of vandalism; an employee may have had an accident, or your doors may just be subject to normal wear and tear. You industrial doors no doubt get a lot of use, and thus it is essential that you have a strategy for ensuring your industrial doors always perform their best.

Repairing industrial doors

If your industrial doors are subject to damage, it is essential that they are back to fully functioning order as soon as possible – you don’t want to be stuck guarding your premises yourself! TPS repair and service B.I.D. Doors, Hormann Doors, Crawford Doors, Wessex Doors, Mavi Doors, Union Industries Doors, Klimate Doors and HAG roller shutters and many others. Our repairs team are highly experienced and efficient team helping our customers with their industrial door repairs all over South West and South Wales.

Maintaining industrial doors

It is not only emergency repairs you might want to think about, but also keeping your industrial doors in good working order. In fact, under the law, business owners are required to keep their doors in good working order. You should develop a schedule for having your industrial doors serviced. This not only extends the life of your industrial doors, but can also identify any weaknesses in security, and can prevent accidents. Employers are responsible for the safety of employees, and this extends to ensuring all aspects of the business premises are safe for use.

Our family run business is passionate about servicing, maintaining and providing industrial doors solutions for our customers. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.