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Industrial gates don’t all look the same

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Part of the fun of writing a blog article about industrial gates is the bit of research you have to do in order to find something different and unusual to write about. After all, there is only so much you can write about when it comes to industrial gates once you have covered the areas of security and creating a good impression on people visiting your premises.

Of course the easiest way to research about industrial gates is to use Google, and that’s where things start to go wrong. It would appear that there are other ‘gates’ out there that are classed as industrial, though it would be better to refer to the ‘gates’ as being singular in form. Yes, you guessed it, we’re referring to Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft.

It gets no better when you search in Google Images for industrial gates either, as clearly Bill Gates is seen as an industrious person which, to be fair, is pretty accurate. However, when you want to get an idea of what style of industrial gates are being made today, it is a little frustrating to be confronted by so many images of a bespectacled man staring back at you from the web page you are on. Would a cardboard cut-out of Bill Gates in the entrance to your yard be as effective a deterrent to would-be thieves as a pair of robust wrought iron ones? Probably not, but a cardboard cut-out of the man would certainly provoke interest and be a great talking point for anyone arriving at your premises for the first time.

So, back to more serious matters. What are you looking for from industrial gates as modern technology has moved on apace over the last ten years and now the entrance/egress to your premises can easily become the computerised supervisor of your inbound and outbound traffic flows? Vehicles can be logged in and out automatically, barriers can be raised and lowered to ensure there are no bottlenecks created anywhere. Security isn’t the only logical reason for having heavy-duty industrial gates installed on your premises, that’s for sure, though it certainly won’t make life easier for them. There again there are other ways of deterring thieves from stealing plant and equipment, as was written about in the Guardian newspaper, though we don’t recommend painting everything on your premises bright pink!

There is no question that a stylish set of new industrial gates at the entrance to your premises makes a loud and clear statement about your business – that you are doing well and that you can be relied upon. Somehow arriving somewhere only to be confronted by rusty gates that have seen better days conveys the impression of ‘we’re broke and we don’t really care’, which isn’t good for business. The chance to create the right first impression as opposed to the wrong one should be seized at each and every opportunity. So to find out more on what we are talking about and to discuss how we can help you here at TPS Industrial, just give us a call.