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Industrial Door Maintenance: What you need to know

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Having industrial doors fitted is important to ensure standards are met in a number of fields. Whether you require them for health and safety, to prevent intruders, or to maintain certain working conditions, you need to know that they are fully operational at all times.

If an automated or industrial door is poorly maintained, then it will simply not perform to its full capability. This can be extremely problematic for businesses that rely on industrial doors for business security, staff security, or to help maintain temperature levels within a factory or warehouse. If you notice any damage, or malfunctions, and fail to have problems fixed, this could threaten the health and safety of those working in close proximity. Keeping a good record of regular checks and maintenance work will limit the potential for malfunctions, which will increase the longevity of the door on the whole.

What to look out for?

While we don’t recommend conducting any physical repairs yourself, it would be useful to do regular maintenance checks to keep an eye on your industrial doors. This will help you identify if there is any physical damage that may need to be addressed like dents, or whether there is any debris removed from the tracks.

In general, if you notice any unusual noises when the door is in operation, if it seems more difficult to open, or if you find leaks or draft points in the door, then get in touch with a certified engineer to arrange for repairs. The longer you leave minor issues, the more costly they could be later on.

Important to remember.

Repairs of any kind should not be conducted by anyone other than a certified engineer. It is typically advised that you consult with the original manufacturer of the door as they will have the necessary knowledge to conduct specific repairs.

TPS Industrial not only install a range of industrial roller shutter doors, manual and automatic, but we also commit to the general maintenance and repairs of these doors should any issues arise.