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Industrial doors

Industrial doors have many advantages when it comes to factory security. Newer models can be opened and closed at a much faster speed, providing rapid protection against any potential intruders. Industrial doors are heavy duty and are mostly made out of steel, making them incredibly difficult to break down, allowing them to act as a deterrent to criminals. Industrial doors also have an interior locking system, so you can rest in the knowledge that your factory’s inventory is secured.

Security gates

Security gates act as the first point of protection for any commercial building or factory. They provide an initial layer of security and are often the most effective method of securing commercial premises. Security gates come in a variety of designs to suit your business’s needs, such as swing gates, cantilever sliding gates and tracked gates. A security gate deters unwanted guests from entering both on foot and via a vehicle and can be secured using a code or with the assistance of a security guard.


Barriers, for the most part, are used to prevent any unauthorised vehicle entry to premises. If you require restrictions for a factory car park, barriers are one of the easiest and most effective options, ensuring that only employee or visitor vehicles are permitted to enter. While they don’t prevent foot traffic, barriers can be a cost-effective security option as they can be controlled automatically, requiring a ticket or a code. Barriers can also be installed with traffic lights and safety loops to prevent any accidents that may occur with an automated system.

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