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How To Protect Your Warehouse From The Risk Of Fire

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No matter what the size of the warehouse you’re operating, it is very important to protect it as much as possible from fire, theft or any kind of disaster. This is because a warehouse plays an essential role in the success of your business, starting from safeguarding your products and valuables. That said, the time and hassle it may cause you if you experience a fire incident may not be worth the worry even if you have an insurance in place.

Any warehouse disaster, especially a fire can have huge adverse consequences that may result in shutting down of your premises and even forcing the entire business to cease all operations. In light of this, it is a much better option to take preventive and safety precautions rather than waiting for the worst case scenario to happen. Read on for a few tips to that can help you overcome the risks of fire and prevent your business and hard work from going up in smoke.

Carry out a risk assessment

The first and foremost thing you have to do to ensure that your warehouse is safe from the risks of fire is to conduct a risk assessment according to the fire safety legislation relevant to your area. Most risk assessments follow these five steps:
  • identifying fire hazards
  • determining the people at risk
  • evaluating, removing or reducing the risks
  • preparing an emergency plan and provide training
  • reviewing and updating the fire risk assessment regularly

Establish fire safety procedures

From your recorded findings from the risk assessment, create fire safety procedures that are suited to your business’ fire risks and train all your employees in these procedures.

Have an efficient storage arrangements

Failure to have efficient storage arrangements in your warehouse boosts and intensifies the chances of a fire. Take note of these smart storage solutions to lower your warehouse’s fire risk:
  • don’t let goods get within 18 inches of lighting
  • segregate the hazardous and non-hazardous materials
  • keep heating equipment and electrical switchgear clear of storage
  • allow enough clearance between sprinkler heads and your stored goods to ensure your sprinkler system can effectively douse the area

Secure electrical systems

Always keep in mind that your electrical systems must be secured and maintained according to the relevant standards at all times. In order to avoid faulty electrical systems and increase the chances of fire, have them periodically inspected and tested by a competent electrical contractor.

Maximise security protection

Arson is one of the leading causes of warehouse fires so it is essential to protect your business against this pervasive risk. Consider investing in quality internal and external security measures to deter trespassers and secure your warehouse.

Perform door repair and maintenance

As soon as you notice that something isn’t working properly with your industrial doors, have them inspected and repaired immediately. These kinds of doors are good for keeping fire out and must be maintained regularly to avoid incurring any serious problems that may arise.

Implement a no-smoking regulation

Prohibit smoking throughout your premises and consider having an external smoking shelter instead. This designated smoking area should be constructed using only non-flammable materials and no combustible materials should be allowed within a 20 feet radius.
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