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How to Maintain Your Industrial Doors

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Installing industrial doors or roller shutters on your commercial property provides a number of benefits. For one, they add privacy and security to your business, deterring unwanted visitors from entering your premises. Aside from these, they can also add aesthetic value to your property as a whole, making them a worthwhile investment.

However, just like other things, your industrial doors also need to be maintained from time to time in order to keep them working safely and at optimum capacity. Here are some helpful tips to bear in mind when caring for your roller shutters.

Keep Your Gate Clean

Clean your industrial doors regularly to keep them in tiptop condition. Iron doors need to be washed at least after every three months to ensure that they remain functional. To prevent the buildup of dust and debris, you may rinse the whole door including the ventilation holes and tracks using a hose, bristled brush, as well as a solution of warm water and mild soap. Wipe everything dry afterwards using an absorbent cloth. By cleaning your industrial doors properly, you can maintain good performance of your roller shutters, allowing you to save money as you won’t need to spend on refurbishing or repairs.

Inspect the Components

Aside from cleaning the exterior parts of the gate, inspecting and maintaining the components is also essential. Perform a regular inspection of the parts of your roller shutter thoroughly. Screws and bolts should be tightly fastened to ensure safety and durability.

Also, try to look for any signs of attempted forced entry, general wear and tear and faults with the safety mechanisms. These damages or weaknesses could jeopardise the safety of your staff so you must always be cautious. If you are not sure what to look for or you are concerned that you have a damaged door, contact a professional door engineer immediately to have it checked.

Be attentive to rust prevention

Industrial doors are susceptible to corrosion because they are made up of metal. With the dirt and dust they accumulate every day, rusting is unavoidable. If corrosion is still in its early stage, you can try to remove it by using a mild detergent. However, if the rust is already severe, you might have to use sandpaper to scrub it clean.

Keep Everything Lubricated

Your industrial doors need to be lubricated, preferably twice a year, to maintain their optimum function. Grease your rollers, guide rails and bearings to allow the rolling mechanisms to work smoothly and to prevent them from rusting. This will enable your industrial doors to operate easily and reduce the need for replacement parts.

Operate with care

When using manual roller shutters, operate the doors with care and avoid slamming them to the ground to prevent screws from loosening or mechanisms from snapping. On the other hand, if you are using electric roller doors, try to press the remote softly. Rough handling of remotes can cause damage to the buttons, putting the security of your doors and the safety of your staff at risk.

Some maintenance procedures can be easily done on your own. But for more complicated procedures, call a professional to fix your roller shutters. Here at TPS Gates & Doors, we don’t only install industrial doors, we also help you in maintaining them. We ensure that our clients receive the highest standards of customer service when it comes to industrial doors.

TPS Gates & Doors is a family-run business that has given high-quality service for over 20 years. Our team of engineers can install, maintain and repair automatic industrial doors, gates and barriers. We also provide you with a detailed report for your records. If you are looking to install or maintain your roller shutters, we would be very pleased to give you a comprehensive quotation. Call us on 01594 840408 or fill out this contact form.