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How to Improve Warehouse Security with an Industrial Barrier

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If you have a warehouse full of important merchandise that you have to either ship to customers or use in your own manufacturing processes, an industrial barrier can help you keep it physically safe from other people and competitors.


Warehouse security is the number #1 priority in a world where companies want to spy in on everybody. In order to keep your spot as an industry expert, you have to protect your trade secrets, and that’s why installing an industrial barrier will help you.
Here’s why.

What is an Industrial Barrier?

To begin, let’s get the basics out of the way. Industrial entry and exit loops are very common in places where many employees have to come in with their car. In fact, they are one of the most secure ways to guarantee that unauthorised people will never enter your premises.
Warehouse security isn’t just about protecting the building with tall security gates. Sure, they do serve a purpose, but an industrial barrier is a much more secure solution that will guarantee protection from curious eyes.
This industrial barrier will not only guarantee a correct flow of vehicles in your parking lot, but they’ll also recognise unauthorised behaviour. You can issue badges and cards to make sure that only true employees get through to your premises.
We at TPS believe that an industrial barrier is crucial for businesses that heavily rely on warehouse security and warehouse operations. Investing in a barrier is a guarantee for the future. Call TPS now to learn more about how warehouse security affects your bottom line.

Why is Warehouse Security so Important?

Most warehouse owners install very tall security gates that prevent people from crossing into their private property. While effective in most cases, what happens during daytime? Is there anyone or anything controlling whether or not people who get in can actually do that?
It’s important to draw a line between people that can enter your premises and people who are better left out. This is a way to protect your business from curious eyes and fishy behaviour. An industrial barrier is a great way to keep your warehouse security high without making it obvious that you are protecting innovative trade secrets.
You should always protect your business one way or another. If you rely heavily on materials and parts that are coming in and out of your warehouse, you don’t want those parts to end up missing, or worse, stolen.
That’s why you need a system to organise your warehouse in a way that only employees who are fully authorised will ever be able to enter, including those who are delivering the materials. TPS is fond of these systems, and we manufacture them to fit your needs. Contact us now to get a no-obligation, FREE quote, and learn more about how your warehouse security can skyrocket.

The Benefits of an Industrial Barrier

Last but not least, an industrial barrier offers many benefits. You can look at them the same way you would with the two-factor authentication on your phone: anybody could know your password, but if they don’t have their own authorised phone, they’re not getting in.
That’s the same principle that an industrial barrier offers, and it makes a gigantic difference. Not only will you be able to analyse the flow of vehicles that come in and out of your parking lot, but you’ll also have that added layer of warehouse security which is so important to any business.
Here are some of the key benefits of an industrial barrier:
·         Layered warehouse security
·         Automatic or guarded entry
·         Personalised software with timestamps
·         Identification of employees
·         Better flow of vehicles
·         Easy to use and operate
These are only a few of the many benefits that you will encounter.
Installing an industrial barrier with all of these benefits is an uncomplicated matter thanks to TPS’ expertise in the field. You can have it the way you want it, personalised to your needs as a warehouse owner and industry expert.
Call us now for a brief introduction. An expert on our end will explain how to operate the barrier and how it improves warehouse security, making it easy to scale your business from just a few employees to hundreds of employees.
TPS means leadership in the manufacturing of gates and doors. You can trust us.