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How to choose whether a Cantilever or tracked sliding gate is for you

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Choosing the right kind of security gates is essential to optimise either warehouse or factory security. The wide array of available options can make this process seem confusing but understanding the key differences can enable you to make an informed decision. Here is an overview to help you distinguish between Cantilever and tracked sliding gates and make the right purchase.

Spatial considerations

If you have limited space, then Cantilever sliding gates are an ideal choice. These can be used for sites where there is not enough room for swing gates to open into. These security gates are consequently suitable for smaller sized operations looking to maximise the size of their site.

Alternatively, for sites which are not as bound by spatial considerations, tracked sliding gates can be used. They are suitable for widths with a larger opening as the tracks are installed on a runway and they also have a lower ground profile, features which are both suited for larger operations.


The type of ground and how it is levelled should also be considered when choosing which security gates to use.

If your site has relatively level grounds, then you can use tracked sliding gates. These gates can only operate on such terrain, due to the way in which they are installed. The track is installed in the roadway and cast in concrete, so the ground needs to be even. This is a particularly important financial and practical consideration. Attempting to install tracked sliding gates on uneven ground would result in reduced levels of security and consequently render the gates ineffective, resulting in financial loss.

On the other hand, whilst some security sites have particularly consistent terrain, this is not the case for all operations. However, for such sites, there are gates which can accommodate this, as Cantilever sliding gates can be used for an uneven ground level. This is as a result of their operation on nylon wheels, as it enables them to function smoothly and also means that their use is comparatively quiet.

Security needs and access requirements

Whilst some security sites require a large amount of access via vehicle, other sites also need to facilitate human access. This access is typical in warehouse security sites where employees may regularly patrol the premises and in factory security, where employees need to be available for manual transportation of goods where vehicle access is unsuitable. For these circumstances, Cantilever sliding gates can be easily adapted to enable pedestrian-only access. The electronically controlled motor operation enables the opening and closing positions to be selected, so a smaller opening is chosen for human access. These security gates are also used when higher security is required on-site, so these are an excellent choice if you want to minimise the risk of intrusion.

Frequency of use

If your warehouse or factory security site has a lot of traffic, requiring the continuous operation of security gates, then it may be best to choose tracked sliding gates. Their secure, bolted installation makes them the best option for frequent use as they are particularly resilient.

Safety legislation

As with all secure access operations, safety ought to be the primary consideration. All security gates are required to meet European safety legislation. On-site risk assessment or surveys are often used to establish that these requirements are being met. At TPS, we have over 20 years of experience to ensure that the security gates which we install and repair are reliable. Contact us today and we will be more than happy to discuss how our door services can help make your site more secure.