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How To Choose The Right Bollard

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Bollard posts play an important role in enhancing safety. They are short types of barriers that are usually placed in front of buildings or outdoor spaces like car parks. They work as a practical and affordable security device that comes in a variety of designs, colours and levels of impact-resistance. When installed, bollards are spaced in such a way that vehicles cannot fit between them. Aside from controlling the traffic flow, they also protect pedestrians, vehicles and structures.

To help you choose the right bollards for your commercial or industrial property, here are some aspects that you need to consider.

Vehicle Access

Bollards can be used to prevent vehicles from entering an area or to guide traffic along preferred routes. You may choose to install permanent or temporary bollards, depending on what you intend to use them for.
Permanent bollards are embedded in concrete and are attached with bolts, anchors or adhesives. They can only be removed if the bollard is to be replaced or if the site is to undergo renovation.

Some applications that need movable bollards for traffic management include:

Impact Protection 

With the ability to provide impact protection, bollards can be seen in most places these days. However, it is important to note that not all bollards are heavy-duty. Each of them has a different level of impact resistance.

If you are looking to protect your inventory or equipment in indoor spaces, low-impact security bollards can keep them safe. These bollards are bolt-down to create a visual perimeter around your valuables. It can stop light and slow-moving vehicles like forklifts and floor cleaners. Meanwhile, for increased protection of people and property, high-impact security bollards need to be installed. They are placed near storefronts, patios and utility meters, which are vulnerable to vehicle accidents. The bollards are made from steel pipes, which are sunk into the substrate and filled with concrete. 

Crash-rated or anti-ram bollards provide the best form of impact protection. They are common around government buildings, large open areas and in front of high-value stores where there is a threat of active vehicle attack.

Site Furnishing

Bollards act as boundaries while remaining part of the landscape. They are used to signify the change of the area’s intended purpose. Unlike fences or barriers, they do not completely forbid access to the surrounding landscape. A row of bollards can encourage people to hike or bike on a trail. It can also separate a building’s front area from the path.

Aesthetic Impacts

When determining what bollards to use, selecting the style is also essential. Make sure that it matches the needs and overall aesthetics of your property. Black has been a common colour option for modern designs as it provides a sharp contrast to buildings. High-visibility bollards that use bright colours are often used in car parks and around utility poles to provide visual guidance and physical protection.

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