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How to choose the perfect industrial doors for your business

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With a wide range of doors, gates and grilles on offer, how do you decide which style is most efficient for you and your business? The best industrial doors for you will provide you with maximum security, as well as ease and aesthetic satisfaction.

Some of the different kinds of doors and gates available are:

1. Sectional doors

Sectional doors open vertically, which allows you to fully utilise all of the space within your building. They are usually made of steel and aluminium and are built to withstand heavy use and to keep your building well insulated.

2. High-speed doors

High-speed doors close rapidly which helps to trap air and make your room more energy efficient. They often come with powerful frequency converter controls which can help to preserve their lifespans.

3. Sliding gates

Sliding gates are useful because they are entirely self-supporting, and therefore you don’t have to commit to any messy or time-consuming construction work.

4. Rolling shutters and grilles

Like sectional doors, rolling shutters and grilles open vertically, which allows for the use of maximum space. They are an efficient and economical option and are also built to withstand heavy use. Rolling shutters and grilles are made of minimal parts, which means that complications or malfunctions are rare, so you don’t have to waste your time on maintenance.

5. Fire sliding doors

Sliding doors also come in heavy-duty models that conform to fire regulations. They are perfect for factories and buildings that require maximum safety, as well as maximum security.

Here at TPS, we offer supply and installation and also servicing and maintenance. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a client with a problem, just get in touch and we can help you to find the doors, shutters or grille that will be the most efficient for you and your business.