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Factory Security: Keep your premises protected

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A factory environment can produce a number of potential risks, dangers, and security issues. It’s crucial that measures are taken to reinforce security in this working environment at all costs, so here are a few quick suggestions that can help you do just that.

Before anything, it’s vital that the surrounding environment is fully assessed to identify potential risks and security issues. This will highlight any weaknesses in the current system in place, in addition to offering suggestions as to what should be done to maximise the security of the location.

Keep up to date with Health and Safety

First and foremost, staff training is imperative when it comes to health and safety. Education is the best preparation, therefore all new members of staff should undergo health and safety training, with refresher courses offered regularly. This will ensure that best practices are followed within the facility to avoid the possibility of incidents.

Staff should also be fully informed on the use of equipment such as loading bays, machinery, and industrial shutters.

Restrict Access

Access to the premises should also be restricted to the general public. This will significantly reduce the possibility of injury to both staff and pedestrians, while also deterring unwanted intruders from undertaking criminal activity.

Access can be restricted through the use of automated gates and fencing, reinforced with access control systems that require verification to allow entry to the premises. The use of CCTV systems will also help to deter potential intruders and identify anyone that does gain access to your property without authorization.

These are just some of the measures that can be taken to ensure security within a factory premises is maintained at all times. Failing to enforce just one of these, however, could result in a significant security hazard which could put the safety of your staff, the public, or the premises at risk – it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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