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How to ensure your loading bay is as safe as possible

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One of the most serious dangers when it comes to the warehouse is the loading bay. It is estimated that a quarter of all accident happen there, which means that a safe loading bay is absolutely critical to ensuring your warehouse is working to its full potential. Here we’ve highlighted some of the accidents that can occur with loading bays, and how best to avoid them…

Falls from height

Workers can quite easily trip and fall from docks, which can lead to potentially serious injuries. It’s imperative that workers on raised loading bays are fully aware at all times; if your dock levellers are unreliable, it could lead to accidents occurring during the loading and unloading of goods. To ensure that any falls are avoided, it’s a good idea to refrain from using the dock leveller if it is showing any signs of damage. If this is the case, make sure you get it fully inspected as well as repaired by a professional engineer.


The loading bay is a busy place; both vehicle and foot traffic are continuously moving within the area. If your planning is effective, then traffic shouldn’t cause you too much trouble. If, however, your loading bay is poorly planned out, it could lead to confusion which in turn can lead to collisions between workers, trailers and forklifts. This could not only mean damaged goods and equipment, but personnel may potentially be at risk of serious injuries.


Water can be very dangerous within a loading bay. Even the slightest amount of water could cause a worker to slip and fall, causing damage to both themselves and any items they may be carrying. If the weather is particularly bad, stored goods could end up damaged or destroyed. A good way to prevent against this is with a dock shelter which will provide you with a reliable shield for whenever the weather starts to work against you. Aimed at preventing any potential water hazard, a dock shelter can be designed to fit any sized loading bay.

At TPS, we not only install but also maintain and repair docking systems, shelters and curtains, levellers and scissor lifts. That means we’ve seen first hand how crucial loading bay security is. To improve the safety of your loading bay and help prevent accidents, claims or damages, contact us today.