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Which roller shutters should you choose?

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If you own a business, roller shutters are an excellent way to keep your premises secure. They’re strong, robust, flexible and reliable, but there are several different kinds. When it comes to choosing between manual and electric, you need to carefully consider your requirements.

Manual roller shutters

If you’ve a tight budget, manual roller shutters are generally the first choice. You use manual mechanisms such as cranks or winders to open them – this makes them the environmentally friendly choice and means they don’t need as much maintenance as electric shutters. Also, if there’s a power failure, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’ll still be able to close your shutters and protect your business.

Electric roller shutters

Electric shutters are all about convenience. You simply press a button or flick a switch and your shutters will open or close all by themselves, with the power of a motor. Usually, it’s up to you where you locate the power switch; you may wish to mount it on a wall panel or prefer the convenience of a hand-held remote. And, if you’d like the shutters to be independent of the power grid, there’s also the possibility of choosing battery powered or solar powered shutters. If safety is an issue – perhaps you’re worried about a customer getting trapped underneath closing doors – you can opt for safety sensors.

A world of choice

Both manual and electric shutters can be made to your specifications and there are many options to choose from. Whether you need fire door shutters or shutters that will help your business to continue projecting a stylish image, there’s something for you. Just remember that regular maintenance is always needed to keep shutters in tip-top condition.

Shutters from TPS Industrial Ltd

Have you decided which kind of shutter is best for you and your business? Contact the team here at TPS Industrial Ltd to get the shutters you want. We offer installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of roller shutters and other industrial doors, so whatever your needs, we can help.