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Different Types of Security Barriers for Your Business

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What is a security barrier?

Security barriers are similar to guardrails or railings seen on the side of the road or staircases. Depending on the type, security barriers may either serve as a physical separator that keeps people from getting too close to high-risk or off-limits locations or prompt vehicles to slow down for inspection when they enter the facility.

Security barriers are usually made out of concrete, metal or durable plastic. For added visual impact and to clearly indicate the off-limit zone, barriers are painted in bright colours, frequently in yellow and black or white and red. 

What is the best type of barrier for your business?

There are several types of safety or security barriers that can be installed to suit your specific requirement. Here are some of the most common types of barriers and their applications.

Warehouse safety barriers

Investing in safety barriers installation inside your warehouse can ensure that all your workers and expensive equipment are protected at all times. Aside from preventing a vehicular crash, the warehouse barriers also act as a safety net or an additional layer of protection in the event of hazardous materials causing damage if an accident happened.

Warehouse safety barriers, such as low-impact barriers, can be cleverly installed in areas where there is possible traffic from forklifts, pallet trucks and other limited-speed warehouse vehicles. They are mounted on the ground keeping vehicles and workers at a safe distance from walls, conveyors and other equipment.

Traffic control barrier

The risk of a pedestrian getting hit by a moving car can be considerably high without a traffic control barrier in place. This is especially true in environments where there are a lot of people walking around and vehicles coming and going all the time, such as in parking schools, restaurants, hospitals and shopping centres. With a traffic control barrier or car park barrier, the vehicles are prompted to slow down and present identification before they are granted entry. This also effectively discourage drivers to speed up when they are entering into the property. In car parks, a barrier can also bar overstaying or unpaid drivers from leaving the premises without settling their dues.

Pedestrian turnstile barriers

This specific barrier is designed to keep unauthorised individuals from having quick access to your facility. Pedestrian turnstile barriers are excellent hurdles breaking up a throng of people into an organised single line. The application of this type of security barrier is highly recommended by security experts to places where there is a need to control a sudden influx of people. This can be in transportation terminals, sports stadiums and concert arenas.

High-security barriers

Sometimes considered as an alternative to sliding or swing gates, high-security barriers take traffic barriers to the next level because they efficiently provide privacy and regulate pedestrian and vehicular access into a commercial or industrial property. They are smart space-saving solutions as well because they require limited space to open or close.

Automated barriers

Automated barriers take care of security, traffic and parking control for you remotely. They can be programmed to require identification, special passcodes or pay and display proof before allowing a vehicle or pedestrian to enter or exit your facility. They can also be customised depending on the specific needs of your business. 

TPS Barriers and Bollards

TPS Gates and Doors Ltd. installs, repairs and maintains security barriers and bollards. To enquire about our free survey and site inspection service by one of our experienced engineers, please complete our Contact form on the website or give us a call on 01594 840408.