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When Purchasing a Dock Leveller

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Dock levellers have a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency of loading and unloading your products, its main purpose is to make the whole process safer. By using dock levellers the risk of spilling loads, damaging goods and most importantly injuring people can be reduced. A good dock leveller will make working with heavy loads a more efficient and safe process.

It might seem an easy task selecting a dock leveller but there are many factors to consider when choosing the right leveller for your loading bay. A dock leveller should be quick to adjust, able to create a smooth and steady transition from a trailer or lorry bed to your warehouse floor.

Before proceeding with a purchase, these considerations might help you select the perfect dock leveller for your business:

Define your needs

There are several types of dock levellers and it is important to consider how much weight you will be moving, will you always need the dock in the same place and how much space do you have? You need to consider the type of vehicles that will be using your loading bay and the dimensions of the trailers.


Dock levellers should offer maximum reliability, take time to evaluate the design, stability, quality and strength of the leveller to know which one is the best type for your business.


Safety should always be prioritised. It is imperative that your dock leveller should operate safely and be aware of the safety features available.


Selecting a dock leveller to meet your future needs may initially be costly. It is a good idea to weigh up the original price against any replacement costs you may incur if you choose not to purchase a quality dock leveller.

TPS install, maintain and repair dock levellers, scissor lifts, docking systems, dock shelters and curtains. We offer quality service to our valued customers and we are pleased to deal with any enquiries, we will always provide you with good advice and a competitive quotation. Contact us on 01594 840408.