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Commercial and Industrial Gate: A Guide

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Before venturing into installing a new gate to your facility, it is important to know the factors that will influence the security of your premises. First, you have to know the type of security you need. Knowing this would make it easier for the gate contractors to advise the best kind of barrier. You’ll also have to consider the type of gate that will best fulfil the needs of a certain area. Different areas of your facility might require different types of access.

Here are some of the most common types of gates that are used in commercial and industrial areas.

1. Industrial Swing Gate

This type of gate is used to keep the premises from unwanted vehicles and pedestrians. This is usually used to protect unauthorised areas from people who don’t have access. An industrial swing gate is installed on a bollard and is operated manually by a person who facilitates the people entering and exiting the facility.

2. Security Sliding Tracked Gate

Sliding tracked gates are used to secure wide passages and can be produced based on your specified need of width and height. It is installed on a pathway and is designed to be durable for high-security applications.

3. Cantilever Sliding Gate

A cantilever gate is also a sliding gate that is suitable for larger apertures. It has a built-in counterbalance that lets it be supported from the base when it opens and closes. This feature allows it to have a maximum width of up to 10m as it requires no track to be fitted.

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