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Choose the Right Industrial Door For Your Business: A Guide

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Before deciding on a specific industrial door for your establishment, you may want to know first if it is the right one for your business. Keep in mind that these doors should be the right fit for your property so that it can be utilised properly and effectively, especially if your business is in need of extreme security.

Industrial Shutter Doors

There are various options that you can choose from with industrial shutter doors, like heavy-duty steel shutters, if you require high-level security, and aluminium roller shutters, if you don’t want to sacrifice style. These doors can be manufactured to tailor the client’s needs based on the desired width and height.

Fast Action Doors

Fast action doors are beneficial for industries which require fast action to operate seamlessly. These industrial doors are optimal for heavy traffic and can maintain a constant building environment and temperature. Its high-speed door can operate as fast as 2 seconds and close again with the same number of seconds for maximum efficiency. If your business requires that your products are stored at a constant temperature, these doors are a perfect fit. It can save energy and reduce heat loss and are also perfect for heavy or harsh industrial environment.

Sectional Doors

Also with a variety of options to choose from, sectional doors are optimal if you want to maximise the space that you have since these industrial doors also open vertically which offer free space on areas around it. You can choose among steel, aluminium or glazed, depending on your tastes and your desired level of security. Sectional industrial doors can also be designed to have vision panels, so the interior is visible from the outside.

TPS install, maintain, service and repair roller shutter doors, fast action doors and sectional doors in many areas of England and Wales. Whether you have automatic shutters, electric shutters or manual shutters TPS provide a fast service to keep your industrial doors maintained and reliable. Check out our website for more information about the services we provide or contact a member of the team today.