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A guide to DIY industrial door maintenance and servicing

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Maintaining your industrial doors is absolutely essential, but it’s often tricky to know exactly what needs doing, when, and whether or not you can do it yourself or need to get the experts in. Door maintenance will ensure your industrial doors are in perfect condition, continually comply with all health and safety regulations, and are safe and easy to use.

How often do my industrial doors need servicing?

The frequency of which your doors need servicing depends greatly on the manner in which they are used, and how much wear and tear they receive. As a rough guide you can judge how often your doors need servicing based on the number of cycles they go through per day:

Industrial doors that are specially designed to endure extremely high frequency use are a little different, and will need to be calculated based on the guidelines provided by your engineer when the door was installed.

There is a certain degree of DIY maintenance that you can safely conduct…

Daily tasks:

By performing these checks and catching things early you will avoid larger problems developing and ensure your doors are always safe and in perfect working order.

In addition to your DIY checks you should have a qualified industrial door engineer perform the following routine maintenance checks on a regular basis:

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