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A gate is no longer just a gate

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Before businesses learnt that it was the bottom line the mattered more than anything, next to no attention was paid to those areas where cost savings could be made and a business could be helped to run more smoothly. Certainly for commercial enterprises, before the cost of diesel went through the roof, little attention was paid to those areas where fuel savings could be made.

There is an interesting article on the Jobsecurity website which identifies a number of less obvious benefits of having automatic industrial gates installed. One of the points they mention is that when entering or leaving premises, with automated industrial gates lorries are not left waiting while either the driver opens the gates or somebody notices that there is a lorry waiting to leave and opens the gates for them. Now it might only be five minutes here, and five minutes there, but over the period of a month if a lorry has been stood idling for a combined period of an hour, that has cost you money. Multiply that by the number of lorries you have in a fleet and all of a sudden you’ll begin to realise that over a period of time you will actually have paid for the cost of installing new automated industrial gates.

Of course the advances in modern technology means that you can include so much more when you install industrial gates. Now with more advanced CCTV and electronic readers, it is very easy to keep a close eye on all traffic entering and leaving your site. Now while this can be extremely useful if a client phones up asking where a delivery is, as a quick look at the computerised log will let you know when the lorry left your site and you can therefore let the client know exactly what is happening. However, it is also possible to keep a closer eye on deliveries and the same can apply. You will be able to check and confirm whether a lorry has arrived from the company your expecting goods from, so you can double check that a delivery has not simply not been registered.

Finally, and of greatest importance to busy transport hubs, automated industrial gates can be installed with systems that can help to avoid a buildup of traffic, again a situation that can lead to unnecessary increases in fuel costs. Integrating a system whereby controllers know what is happening at the departure gates means lorries can be dispatched in a more efficient manner and, also important, in such a way that will reduce the chances of any accidents or totally avoidable bumps, all of which can be costlier than just repairing the vehicle in question.

Based in Lydney, Gloucester we cover a broad area, including Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Chepstow, Newport, Clevedon, surrounding areas and beyond. If you would be interested in discussing some of the benefits we have mentioned above that come with the installation of new industrial gates please feel free to get in contact with this.