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7 Questions You Need To Ask About Industrial Doors

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If you’re considering investing in new industrial doors for your workplace, then you’ve likely considered the various options available to you. With so much choice out there, picking doors that are the right fit for you can be a struggle. But it’s easier than you might think to pick the right doors for your needs; all you need to do is ask yourself the following questions, and you’ll be on your way to success.

So, what questions should you be asking about industrial doors? Read on to discover seven options that could make all the difference when it comes to selecting your perfect choice.

1. What is my budget for doors?

The first thing to consider when looking to upgrade or purchase industrial doors is the kind of budget you have to invest in security gates, roller doors or any other form of entryway to your business. Do a little research into the average price of the kind of doors you want, and keep that figure in mind when it comes to deciding upon barriers or industrial doors for your business.

2. What are the security requirements of my business?

Do you need landing bay security doors for a warehouse that stores valuable stock, or do you need a door that’s secure enough to prevent entry through any other means? From keypads to intercoms, knowing the security measures your workplace needs can help you make the right decision when it comes to your doors, from anti-theft details to compliance with existing security requirements.

3. Do I have any particular needs for my doors?

Depending on the location of your industrial doors, you may have some specific requirements. Whether it’s a designated height clearance, the inclusion of certain safety features or a specific type of closure, knowing your needs before you begin delving deeper can provide you with the insight you need. Make a list of your exact requirements, and you can ensure your final purchase meets your exact standards.

4. How much will the doors be used?

For doors used multiple times a day, every day, a hardwearing mechanism and ease-of-use are both vital features. By contrast, high-security doors should be more difficult to access, especially when it comes to factory security of high-value items. The requirements for doors that are opened and closed tens to hundreds of times a day may be very different from those only opened once a day – so know which type you need.

5. What material best matches my business?

Setting a good impression of your company can start at the very first look your customers get of your facilities. From the cleanliness of your building to the appearance and branding of your vehicles, looking professional is a must for your exterior. As such, the doors you choose should match your brand identity; whether it’s sleek and modern or classic and functional.

6. Do I need doors that follow specific health and safety protocols?

For many businesses, especially factories and warehouses, specific government-mandated health & safety protocols will be in place, that dictate everything from machinery to entry and exit points. Ensuring your choice of door complies with the required health & safety arrangements is a must for any business, for the safety of visitors and employees alike.

7. Will I need servicing and maintenance?

To ensure your chosen doors remain at a high standard, regular servicing and maintenance is required. With a company like TPS Industrial, those services come as standard, ensuring your doors stay in the best possible condition in the long term. For years of use, maintenance isn’t optional – it’s a must to ensure your industrial doors last.

Looking for a company that takes your industrial door needs seriously? At TPS, we have over 20 years of experience providing our customers with door solutions they love. Contact us today to find out more.