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5 things to consider when choosing industrial doors

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Industrial doors keep everyone on your company premises safe and secure and enable the business to continue running as it should. Yet how do you decide which type of door would best suit the needs of your company? Here are a few things you should consider when choosing industrial doors.

1. Security

Do you have expensive materials, products or machinery on site? Although all industrial doors will provide some level of security and protection, extra-strength doors will prevent intruders breaking in at all costs. Steel doors are particularly strong and have few weak points.

2. Health and safety

While all companies will have strict health and safety regulations in place, some are more susceptible to certain risks than others. For instance, if there is an increased chance of fire breaking out on your site, make sure to choose industrial doors that will prevent it spreading by containing it in one area. This will minimise damage to your property while helping to protect staff.

3. Temperature control

Controlling the temperature of certain environments on your site may be important; however, some doors could let too much heat escape, or allow too much cold to enter. Choosing insulated industrial doors will help to keep your premises at the temperature you require, without external factors such as climate and weather having an effect.

4. Vehicle access

If a lot of vehicles need access to certain areas of your site, factoring in the speed at which the industrial doors open and shut will be important. You want to cut down the amount of time drivers will need to wait, and prevent a build up of traffic.

5. Space

Some smaller companies don’t have the space to accommodate the mechanisms required to fit certain types of industrial door. Such businesses would therefore benefit from industrial doors that don’t take up as much space, such as roller doors.

To find out more about which type of industrial door would best suit your business, call TPS Industrial now.