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3 Key features of an efficient food processing facility

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Facilities that oversee the production of food must adhere to strict regulations to make sure that the produce is of the highest quality. The Food Standards Agency does provide guidance for these regulations, and here are three additional features that will aid your facility in adhering to these rules.

1.     Effective ventilation and temperature control

When food is being prepared or manufactured it is important that the processing rooms remain at a consistent temperature; otherwise, the food quality could be compromised. To prevent this from happening, appropriate ventilation, refrigeration, and temperature control systems must be in place in any room that has food processed, stored, or checked. You may even need to invest in temperature controlled delivery vehicles for optimum preservation while in transit.

2.     Anti-contamination measures

Preventing the contamination of the food being produced is absolutely critical to ensure that it meets all the necessary food standards regulations. Keeping the facility air-tight will make sure that there is no possibility of bacteria or chemicals polluting the produce. This can be achieved through the installation of doors that can prevent infiltration, with solid exterior walls that will not allow contaminants to get in while stopping temperature controlled, clean air from escaping the facility. Maintaining strict cleaning measures will also avoid the possibility of contamination.

3.     Clear and easy-to-use distribution points

Once the food is prepared, it is important that it is quickly and efficiently distributed to prevent contamination and maintain the quality of the food. An appropriate docking system and loading bay will not only ensure the security of the facility but will also make the loading and distribution process must quicker and simpler to complete. They can also be an excellent tool to maintain the quality of the products that you manufacture.

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