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10 things to consider when installing electric gates

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Part 2

In the first part of this two-part blog article we have tried to place much of the emphasis on using a professional gate manufacturer and installer when it comes to choosing the right electric gates. However while here at TPS Electric Gates & Doors Ltd we pride ourselves on the quality of all our wooden gates and electric gates, the service we offer our valued clients and customers goes way beyond basic manufacture and installation. Even before a design has been chosen and the manufacturing process has begun, there is a great deal to be taken into consideration that you may not have thought about or even never crossed your mind.

What we try and avoid is that situation where you say “I wish I’d thought of that before…” as hindsight is a wonderful thing. However with over 20 years’ experience in fitting electric gates, we are confident that we can cover every possible eventuality for you and ensure that once your new wooden gates or metal gates have been fitted, you will be delighted with them in every way possible. So, with regard to our list of 10 things to consider before having electric gates installed, let’s deal with the final 5 points: