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Why roller shutters are a must for garage doors

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Roller shutters are extremely popular these days and are widely used in industrial security systems. They’re safe, easy, and convenient to use, and they give a smart appearance to the exterior of your business premises.

If you run a commercial garage business or you need to keep business vehicles on your site, roller shutters make the best choice for several extremely important reasons.

Read on to find out why roller shutters are the best choice when it comes to replacing your existing garage doors.


Industrial plant, vehicles, and machinery are valuable items that represent a major capital investment for many businesses. That’s why, when it comes to industrial security solutions, roller shutters are the go-to choice for many commercial enterprises.

Unlike traditional garage doors, roller shutters are extremely difficult for would-be thieves to breakthrough. As well as being lockable, roller shutters make a lot of noise while opening. Burglars do not like to be disturbed while they “work,” and the metallic clang of shutters opening is usually enough to send thieves packing empty-handed.

Also, well-made roller shutters are extremely strong and durable and are more than capable of withstanding even the most determined break-in attempt.

Out of sight is out of mind

Old-school garage doors often have windows or gappy doors that would-be thieves can look through, gaining a clear view of exactly what you have that’s worth stealing.

Roller doors are solidly constructed, keeping everything behind them well out of sight and protected from prying eyes, depending on what style you choose.

Ease of use

Traditional garage doors can be cumbersome and difficult to operate. That’s a real pain when you’re busy or when you need access to one of your vehicles in a hurry. A good-quality roller shutters system can be operated remotely, making it quicker and easier to open up in the morning and lock-up at the close of business.

Even manually operated roller shutters run smoothly, as long as they’re regularly serviced and properly maintained, so you should never again have to experience the problem of heavy, unwieldy garage doors that stick!

Also, because roller doors don’t open inward, you have more space at your disposal for parking your vehicles and for storage inside the garage area.


A well-fitted roller door industrial security system will prevent moisture and damp from developing inside the garage. That’s especially important if you use the building for storage of goods that are susceptible to damage by damp and mould.

Also, if your business works with high-performance or vintage vehicles, your garage buildings will need to be temperature and humidity-controlled. Roller shutters can be fitted with special insulation material to ensure that the temperature within the garage can be managed and maintained at the correct level.


The exterior appearance of your premises is very important if you’re to attract new customers to your business. Tatty old garage doors can be very off-putting for potential new clients, and smart rollers shutters create a much more professional impression.

Modern roller shutters come in various styles, finishes, and colours, so you can choose something to perfectly fit your business style.

Final thoughts

If you have old-style garage doors on your business premises, you should give serious consideration to replacing them with a smart set of modern roller shutters.

Roller shutters make a much more efficient and effective industrial security solution, are easy to operate, help you to control the climate inside the garage, and look far smarter than a pair of scruffy old doors.