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Planning your warehouse docking layout

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The docking points at your warehouse are the key access and exit points to your storage unit; so it’s absolutely essential their layout is planned to maximise efficiencies, irrespective of the size of your business operation. The expert logistics team here at TPS Industrial has put together the following guide to help any warehouse or logistics manager plan out the most effective loading docks to suit all kinds of available space.

Do you operate JIT policies?

If you operate just-in-time policies, the position of your docks will be even more critical to the operation. You will need to unload goods in at the earliest opportunity and relay them to warehousing stores or to your production facility. Speak with the experts at TPS Industrial to discover more about docking layouts for the speediest turn around of goods and products.

Will large capacity lorries and containers be docking?

Modern trends for longer, wider lorries that can carry larger than normal volumes are increasingly common. This means your docking layout needs to be planned with this in mind. You will need a large approach area and larger docking area, use of docking systems and dock levellers from TPS Industrial could be one way to layout this area so it can also be used by lorries of a standard size.

Dock shelters may also be a key requirement, as they can seal any gaps and help protect goods being moved between containers and warehousing which will be vital if you need to handle larger volumes from the bigger container lorries.

Where should I position my warehouse docks?

It’s important to ensure the entry and exit points from any warehouse are separated from any office space, although smaller businesses often find this can be quite difficult to put into practice. Where possible, try to situate the docking lane at the side of any dual-purpose warehouse-office building.

Combining goods and despatch in one area can increase the efficiency of some warehouses, however, you really need to carefully consider the amount of traffic arriving into the yard. Of course, if you do operate a combined docking system and your business scales, you may need a totally new layout to handle the increased numbers of delivery lorries and goods out containers.

Another important factor to consider prior to deciding where to place the docks for your warehouse is likely weather conditions and how they will impact on the building’s internal environment. Warehouse teams will be continually opening and closing all access points when goods are received and despatched, so it’s vital to have some idea about prevailing wind and weather in the locality and to plan your docking areas accordingly. You will find our range of dock shelters and curtains can help reduce the impact of high winds and colder external temperatures within your building to a certain extent, and speaking to one of our planners could help ensure your docking layout is designed to maximise internal comfort for the entire workforce.

Speak to the TPS Industrial team today to learn more!

Our experts are on hand to discuss your warehouse docking plans and help ensure the layout you choose is right for your business. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discover more. We’re a family-owned concern, based in the Bristol area, and work throughout the entire UK. Our automation systems, fast action doors and customised gates are second to none, and we’re proud of our fantastic reputation within the warehousing and logistics sector. Give us a call today and let us help plan your warehouse docking layout to maximise your business efficiency and overall profitability.