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The different types of security doors

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There are many different types of security doors that you can choose from for your building, whether it be personal or corporate. If you aren’t sure what differentiates each one, then the prospect of choosing can become daunting and convoluted. Here’s a list of the most common types of security door, and some of the defining features of each.

Decorative security doors

Offering customisable styles, patterns and shapes, decorative security doors compromise on neither style nor protection. A decorative grille flaunts flexibility where other security door types may not, as well as protecting against invasions and burglaries. This makes decorative security doors ideal for personal buildings such as houses.

Button system

Button systems are incredibly popular, and the most widely used option across the world. These systems are very simple to use, as the property owner, or anyone they want to allow in, can simply enter the code and gain access to the property. Whilst being very easy to enter, the wide variety of potential codes make these industrial doors hard to break into for any intruders. This is a good option for anyone wishing to guard their property in an affordable manner.

Cast iron grille

Instead of the usual outer aluminium frame, these industrial security doors instead boast a cast-iron grille. This makes the door sturdier; be aware, however, this may make the security door heavier and so a reinforced frame is recommended.

Trellis security door

Trellis security doors are one of the most common types of door seen in modern households. The trellis system is made from iron and so is sturdy, and the door can be locked and retracted with a single swiping movement. If further security is required you can often use either a bolt or a lock and key to protect your home. Most commonly these are found by a front door as an extra layer of security if your front door just won’t do.

Stainless steel security wire system

This is the most expensive material that you can use to craft your security doors. However with this, naturally, comes the highest possible level of protection. This door utilises a locking system comprised of three-points, as well as additional heavy-steel mesh. Thus, this type of security door is near impenetrable.

Small diamond type

If you have any significant worries about thieves, burglars or break-ins in your area, then a small diamond grille type is your best option. With tiny holes being put throughout an aluminium grille, placed to provide an extra layer of protection, there is no way for a thief or burglar with even the deftest of fingers to gain entry and access to your prized possessions. It’s impossible to manipulate the lock or gain entry in any other illegitimate way, making it a primary option for any security-concerned individual.

Roll-up security door

Roll-up security doors are most often found in commercial properties, but can occasionally be found in residential areas to protect garages. These are made from heavy metals, to make sure that these security doors are secure and durable, making then incredibly difficult to break through by any unintended individuals. At the same time, their rolling nature makes them easy to access for the actual business owner or resident to open. This door is incredibly convenient for the property owner whilst providing an impossible challenge for anyone trying to break in. For business owners and garages, this is the option for you.

Ultimately, there is a huge variety of options for anyone wishing to secure their property. Whether a business, a home or a garage, there will be a tailored option that perfectly suits your needs. Whatever your needs, visit TPS Industrial to get a quote for a solution that suits you.