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Do You Need To Have Your Industrial Doors Repaired? Here are 7 Signs To Look Out For

Home » News » Do You Need To Have Your Industrial Doors Repaired? Here are 7 Signs To Look Out For

In order to efficiently and seamlessly run a business, the installation of industrial doors plays as an important factor. These doors not only make it easier to handle excessive vehicle and foot traffic but also provide effective security to the valuables inside the building. However, like most physical investments that operate almost constantly, industrial doors can experience a lot of mechanical stress as well and minor problems can become major expenses if they are not attended immediately.

Part of maintaining your industrial doors in order for them to work in a tip-top condition is being able to recognise when repairs and maintenance are necessary. Whilst it can be hard to distinguish the signs of damage from the regular operation, here we have compiled 7 indications that will tell your industrial doors the need to be repaired:

1. Unusual Noises

Most industrial doors run with minimal noise, thus, any unusual squeaking, grinding or repeated clicking sounds when the door is opened or closed should be investigated immediately as it could be a sign that a more pressing matter underlies the issue. This usually happens with mechanical components and automatic systems and could be an indication of an issue that concerns the motor.

2. Stiff Operation

Industrial doors should open and close without any difficulties, resistance or strain. That said, if you notice that your door has a disrupted movement, you should avoid using it until it has been examined by a professional.

3. Guts and Leaks

One of the major benefits an industrial door can provide is its capacity to keep heavy storms at bay. If you notice the presence of pooled water during or right after a storm, it may mean that the body of the door or the panels themselves might be damaged. Have this fixed right away to avoid spending a lot of money on electricity bills and suffering from further damage.

4. Dents, Scratches and Marks

Whilst dents in the surface of the door or panel are a kind of damage that doesn’t really affect the operation of your business, they can indicate a weak area that burglars can take advantage of thus, should be fixed right away.

5. Damaged Cables

Cables hold the entire weight of an industrial door so having one or both break would cause the door to fall. Scheduled inspections can prevent these types of incidents from happening but as soon as you notice your cables are worn or broken, seek help from a professional technician right away.

6. The Door Shakes

Industrial doors must open and close smoothly at all times so if you start to notice that your door is shaking or shuddering when being used, it may indicate that there is something wrong with the track system or a significant part of it and may cause further damage or concern when not paid attention to right away.

7. Increased Energy Bills

Weather seals around the door and the insulation within provide a number of advantages including keeping the cold outside air from leaking indoors, keeping the temperature of your facility controlled and keeping your energy costs down by allowing the heating and cooling system to efficiently run. In light of this, if you notice that your energy bills constantly shoot upwards every month, this may be a sign that there is an issue with your weather seals or even the low insulation value of your door itself. Don’t hesitate to ask assistance from a certified technician when incurring kind of concern.

Here, at TPS Gates & Doors, we take pride in our team of experienced door engineers, offering quality services to both commercial and industrial industries. We specialise in the installation, maintenance and repair of roller shutter doors, fast action doors and sectional doors. We are sure to provide you with professional assistance, right from the ground works through to commissioning of the automation system. Get in touch with us via 01594 840408 to discuss your project with us today.