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A Quick Guide On How To Effectively Secure Your Business Premises

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With today’s economic climate, it is not surprising to know the fact that running a successful business can be hard enough to many. On top of this, burglars are targeting not only shops but also small business properties more often now than ever before as they consider this type of activity an easy money option. These kinds of crime have a whole range of impacts on the company, including damage to property, loss of stock and a lot of lost time spent dealing with the issue.

Simply put, the cost of experiencing a burglary is high for affected businesses. Keep reading for a few tips that can help you maximise your business premises’ security and ensure the company’s success.

Perform a risk assessment

Before doing anything such as purchasing deterrent equipment or hiring a security guard, you must perform a risk assessment for your business premises first. Do a thorough walk through around the area and review the current security that you already have in place. You also have to check for security risks, noting down every possibility and weakness that potential thieves might be able to spot as they walk past your property.

Secure doors and windows

Since windows and doors are the most common access routes for burglars, take a closer look at the locks you are currently utilising or seek help from a reliable gate automation company to have some decent roller shutters installed.

Secure access points

Thoroughly check for your business premises’ access points and see whether walking into your property may be an easy thing to do for many, even those who are non-employees. Deal with this kind of issue by installing security gates, decent fencing and investing in a security code entry device.

Install alarm systems

A study conducted about the behaviour of burglars has shown that about 60 per cent of them will seek out a different target if a property is alarmed. This proves that alarms act as a huge deterrent whilst also providing an essential alert in the event of a break-in

Install a CCTV system

Cameras act almost as effective as alarm systems and about 50 to 60 per cent of burglars consider cameras to be an effective deterrent. That said, get something in place if you don’t already have a CCTV system installed or if your current setup is already out of date, consider getting an upgrade.

Install security lighting

A potential intruder is less likely to attempt a break-in if they are worried that they will be seen. Considering this, light is an obvious and great deterrent to intruders as they can be spotted much easier than in the dark. To avoid incurring high energy costs, go with LED security lighting solutions that utilise sensors and monitors

Consider sign-in books

Make sure to keep track of all visitors that enter and leave your building. Apart from assigning visitor badges to non-workers, setting up a sign-in book is also a great way to know exactly who is in your building at a glance, especially if anything untoward occurs. Additionally, a key card system is also a good idea if your company has unmanned entry points.
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