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Written by tpsindustrial on January 16, 2020 in Construction

If you’re a reasonably sized business, then it’s highly likely that you’ll have a company car park either on-site or very close to your premises. And it’s also very likely that these parking spaces will be for employees only – after all, you don’t want your staff members turning up late and stressed to work because there were no spaces available when there ordinarily would be – if not for the general public taking advantage of the free space.

Luckily for you, car park barriers are an effective measure of security. Here, we list just a few of the many reasons why you should invest in car park barriers as a means of protection and privacy.

Keeping unwanted intruders out

As well as the previously mentioned point about keeping out the public so as to reserve parking spaces for designated users only, car park barriers can also act as a pseudo security system against unwanted intruders. Often, the sight of security measures like car park barriers will infer that the premises themselves are secure. This will deter any potential intruders and thieves from attempting to break and enter into the property – although, of course, we recommend that you install other industrial security systems too just to be on the safe side.

Maintaining a consistent flow of traffic

As well as ensuring the safety of your company car park and all of the valuable vehicles inside, car park barriers are also important due to how they regulate the flow of traffic coming in or out of the site. This is because the barriers will only lift for one vehicle at a time. Factoring in for the time taken for the barriers to rise and lower, as well as users inserting their cards or tickets, car park barriers ensure that there is adequate time between each car to avoid a build-up of traffic. This will keep your employees and car park users stress-free, leading to heightened productivity at work. It’s a win-win for all!

Improving the safety of pedestrians

If improperly designed, car parks can be a health and safety nightmare for anyone walking to and from their car. However, the introduction of car park barriers onto the site can greatly reduce the chances of an unfortunate accident. This is because, upon entering or leaving the car park, vehicles must slow down in order to avoid hitting the barrier. Slower moving vehicles means that both drivers and pedestrians have more time to spot one another, minimising the chances of a collision.

There are other measures that you can install in a car park to further assure pedestrians that all cars will be moving slowly. This could be the installation of bollards, which can also be made automatic, and security gates if your business if particularly affluent or reputable.

Choose TPS

If you would like to invest in car park barriers and other additional industrial security solutions, then look no further than TPS. We specialise in providing high-quality and trustworthy security measures, gates and automation systems – so whatever your company needs to make the premises safe and sound, TPS can provide it. We are also now approved installers for ADT Fire and Security, meaning that we can now protect your business more than ever before. Get in touch with a friendly member of our family-run business today.

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