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Are you considering installing a sliding gate onto your property or place of work? Before you begin to design sliding gate systems, there are some important design choices you may need to consider. The below guide to sliding gate materials may help you make some of these choices!

Sliding gates can be constructed in multiple different materials. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to which material is the right choice for your sliding gate design, it depends on your individual needs and preferences.

1. Aluminium

Aluminium is a popular choice for sliding doors as it is a sturdy metal that is also very light. An aluminium gate will not warp easily and is also resistant to rot, rust and splitting. If you have a particular colour or style of gate in mind, aluminium may be the right choice for you as aluminium can be powder coated in any colour of your choice.

2. Steel

Steel is significantly stronger than aluminium, making it a much more robust and sturdy design choice. Steel can be moulded into large ornamental designs, ideal for homeowners looking to add drama to their entrance. Although steel is often a more expensive design choice, it may be the more cost-effective option over the long term due to its quality and durability.

3. Wood

If you’re looking for sliding gates in a traditional style, designing a sliding gate system out of wood may be the right choice for you. For example, wooden sliding gates can be used to protect farmhouse-style buildings without detracting from the natural aesthetic of a building. If you choose a wooden gate system, you must consider what type of wood will best suit your needs. For example…

• Iroko is a close-grained hardwood that is resistant to splitting and long-lasting.
• Timber is another great choice, though you should be aware that timber gates will need regular treatment to maintain the quality of the wood.
• Pine is often the cheapest option, as pine requires less milling before it is in a good condition to create a fence.

Aside from the material, another important design feature you must consider is the different types of sliding gate systems.

• Rolling

Rolling electric gate systems are a popular choice because they do not require a special track to operate. Instead, they are operated by rubber wheels.

• V-track

A V-track system operates with a metal track and wheels. The track must be laid in a triangular shape, hence the ‘V-track’ name.

• Telescopic

Also referred to as tandem gates, telescopic gates are a great design choice if you are installing a sliding system where space is limited. Telescopic gates work by stacking upon one another when the gate is opened and often have a very modern and contemporary look.

• Cantilever

If you live in an area with regular snowfall, you may wish to consider a cantilever sliding system for your electric gates. Cantilever gates do not come into contact with the ground when they open or close, and instead are supported by the rails on either side of the gate.

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