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Written by tpsindustrial on March 16, 2020 in Construction

So you’ve taken the time to look through the different types of electric gates available, and you’ve decided that electric wooden gates are what you want. Now it’s time to think about how exactly you want them to look.

Fortunately, there are only a few details to consider regarding your choice of wooden electric gates. Let’s take a look at them:

Budget and space

Having a rough idea of your budget is the first thing to know, as all of the other following decisions will depend on it. As well as the basics, it will determine how bespoke your wooden gates can be.

It’s also vital to know how much space you have, both to the sides and front/rear of the gate. There is literally no point in choosing a sliding gate if you have no space for it!

Sliding or swing gates?

Sliding gates – These are perfect when your space is at a premium. Tucked in behind the adjacent wall, they take up next to no extra space. Obviously, due to their design, sliding gates won’t work in very narrow driveways that have no space to the sides of the gate. They are also excellent for sloping or uneven ground. Whereas a swing gate would not fully open, or would have a gap at the bottom, sliding gates are a snug fit.

In terms of maintenance and durability, a sliding gate needs only one motor, meaning that it’s relatively easier to maintain in the future. The sliding gate is also more secure as it’s great for preventing any attempted forced entry. The wooden gate is simply held secure in a steel channel, when fully shut.

Swing gates – Wooden swing gates are better when there is only a narrow driveway/entrance. Many people also prefer their traditional appearance with the two even-width gates opening and closing. These gates are also easier and cheaper to install, assuming you’ve got a flat, spacious area to do so.

A below or above ground system?

The operating systems for both sliding and swing electric wooden gates can be below ground or above ground. The above-ground option is the cheaper version and better if you are on a limited budget. It’s fully visible, being mounted on the gate, so might not be as attractive. It’s also slightly less secure as outsiders could feasibly tamper with and damage it.

The below-ground operating system is completely concealed underground, giving the gate a cleaner and more attractive look. Of course, it is also more expensive to install as a degree of excavation work has to be undertaken.


The beauty of wood is that there are so many kinds of styles that all look classy and smart. You can choose anything from traditional farmhouse to trendy modern styles. To improve resilience and durability, it’s recommended to use a close-grained hardwood such as Iroko. These hardwood timbers are even certified as coming from sustainable sources.

Another style consideration is whether you want gates with gaps in the wood or not. Gaps give a more airy feel and let in more light, but also afford less privacy. So if security and privacy are paramount, it’s better to use a gapless wood design.

Extra costs

You’ve chosen wooden electrical gates because you love the aesthetic qualities of natural timber, so it’s important you keep them looking good. You can protect the wood by applying oils such as linseed oil or danish oil. These oils also let the wood breathe and keep it looking elegant

Of course, such maintenance is totally up to you. Luckily, you can make it easier by opting to include timber treatment in the annual service contract.

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