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Written by tpsindustrial on February 17, 2020 in Construction

Roller shutters are a type of external shutter that can be used over windows, doorways, garages and more, offering an array of security benefits to protect your property. The shutters are usually made with aluminium, galvanised steel, polyvinyl chloride or wood, and designed with state-of-the-art mechanisms to be an incredibly effective method for protecting the property from a range of external threats, not just criminals. If you are looking for an easy-to-install and cost-effective way to add additional security and privacy to your property, whether residential or commercial, roller shutters offer high quality and efficient protection.

Roller shutters for security

Roller shutters offer a wide range of security and privacy benefits for your residential or commercial space.

Protection against intruders:

As crime rates continue to rise each year in the UK, including theft and burglary, more people are seeking the most effective security measures to deter criminals from targeting their property. When it comes to additional security measures, such as fencing systems and industrial gates, roller blinds are up there with some of the best methods. Roller shutters for doors and windows will protect your property from intruders due to their sturdy structure that is exceptionally difficult to break into. The presence of roller shutters on your property will often be enough to deter intruders from coming near altogether. The durable nature of these shutters also means that they will protect your property for years without needing to be upgraded.

Total privacy:

Those seeking complete privacy, whether at night or while away on holiday, will get this from roller shutters as no one can see through into your property. Curtains and blinds can often have cracks that intruders can peer through, yet roller shutters are impenetrable and offer the peace of mind of total privacy.

More benefits of roller shutters

Prevent heat from entering your property:

The UK is not the hottest country in the world, but as summers continue to get hotter and break records, homes can get unbearably humid in the summer months. Most UK homes are not well set up for hot weather, often having no air conditioning. Glass windows will allow heat into your home, creating a greenhouse effect inside. Roller shutters absorb around 60% of the heat hitting the exterior of your home, keeping your home much cooler inside.

Protection from the elements:

Storms, heavy rainfall and thunder all can cause more wear and tear to your windows, and potentially cause damage to the interior of your property. Many roller shutters are available with a water-resistant coating, offering an effective barrier between your property and the harsh elements outside.

Roller shutters for commercial settings

Roller shutters have long been used in all sorts of shops, from department stores to local corner shops, and they also offer a desirable security solution for bars and restaurants, ensuring they are kept secure when unattended. As well as offering an extremely sturdy material that will be tough for intruders to break into, roller shutters also visually close off the area, which will deter some opportunists.

Roller shutters for residential settings

More recently, roller shutters are also becoming a popular choice at private homes and residential complexes. Shutters are available in a variety of colours and styles, designed to fit seamlessly with the look of your property. Shutters are a great accompaniment to other security solutions such as security doors and electric gates, but also offer a cost-effective deterrent for intruders on their own.

When it comes to business premises, roller shutters are an established must-have for ensuring the absolute best protection against criminal damage and theft, but the levels of protection they offer to residential properties may be something worth looking into as well.

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