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If your driveway is in need of a new gate, electric is the way to go. Not only electric but remote-controlled too.

As the majority of us are stuck in our homes because of the dreadful COVID-19 pandemic, we now have plenty of time on our hands, so maybe the time is right to start thinking about a few home improvements?

Things to consider when buying a new gate

The best home improvements are those that not only provide more comfort or more convenience but also add to the value of your home. A new gate, electric and remotely controlled, will tick all those boxes.

But when choosing a new gate, electric convenience is only part of the equation if it is to increase the worth of your property. The aesthetics of your new gate are of significant importance too. Do you think metal would be best, or do you favour wood? Of course, there’s not only the material to consider. You’ll need to think about colour and pattern or style as well.

Why choose specialist electric gate fitters

Whatever your final choice of gate, electric power, if indeed that is one of the options you prefer, will have an influence on the installation. Some people decide to try and do the installation themselves. That’s all well and good if they have the appropriate skill and experience.

A driveway gate can be a large affair. It’s not only difficult to manhandle; the fixing of the support posts into the ground has to be done properly. The weight of the gate panels, and the forces that apply when the gate swings are considerable, so correct the installation of the posts is essential.

Then there’s the positioning of the hinges and locking mechanisms. Alignment must be perfect if the gate is to function as it should.

If it is to be a sliding gate, another thing you have to think about is imbedding the running channels. If any of these things are not done correctly, the gate may not open and close with the ease it should.

Gate electric power source is another consideration. This could involve digging a trench. If you decide to surface-lay the cable, it has to be impervious to weather and strong enough to withstand the significant weight of a vehicle or the perils of pitchforking the area when gardening. There is a lot to take into account. That’s why it is strongly recommended you have your gate installed by professionals.

Electric gate manufacturers that install their products

To get the job done properly, ideally, the company you choose to carry out the installation should also be the manufacturer. Not only will they understand the workings of the gate better than a different, remote installer, but there is less danger of ending up with a faulty gate. There is always a grey area between manufacturers and different installers. A lot of finger-pointing goes on when something goes wrong, and it can be difficult to get a satisfactory resolution.

When only one company is involved for both supply and installation, should there be any faults, you know exactly whom to hold responsible.

If you already have a conventional unpowered gate, electric power can be added retrospectively. Obviously, that is only worth considering when you are 100% happy with your current gate’s appearance, and when the gate is in perfect working order.

Electric gate servicing

Any gate, electric or not, should be serviced to keep it in good working order. An unpowered gate is simple enough to maintain. A daub of grease and a lick of paint or varnish from time to time are all that is necessary. Electric gates are a little different. Keeping them regularly serviced will minimise any breakdowns and will extend the gate’s working life.

Speaking of breakdowns – and they do sometimes occur – make sure your supplier offers a comprehensive electric gate service package including a call-out repair facility.

Choosing the right electric gate company

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