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Written by tpsindustrial on January 16, 2020 in Construction

Your workers and visitors are critical to the success of your business, and that’s one reason controlling traffic flow in your busy car park is so very essential. Even if you don’t have deliveries into the business via your car park, the flow of traffic can be intense at certain times of the day. This is one of the main reasons to opt for car park barriers. The other principal reason is to add enhanced levels of security protection for your workers and premises. We’re taking more of an in-depth look at the traffic control solutions offered by car park barriers here, but you can discover more information on industrial security solutions on the TPS blog if this is your major concern.

How car park barriers contribute to employee safety

The safe ingress and exit of all your workers, customers, and visitors has to be your primary concern, and this doesn’t just impact on your internal arrangements but also extends to your external car park(s). Fitting a car park barrier is one way to add an entry system to your business, and ensure only authorised personnel are allowed into your site.

Your car park barrier entry system prevents accidental or deliberate trespass, and also ensures you are aware of all visitors as soon as they arrive on site. There are plenty of different barrier entry systems on the market, from simple pass-operated barriers for employees only, right up to manned barriers using camera or physical access authorisations.

Control the traffic in your business car park

One issue faced by most businesses is the use of company car parks for through traffic. When you fit the simplest barrier system, you ensure only authorised access is possible. This tends to mean visitors and employees will be unable to grab rides to and from the car park, but will need to be dropped outside the business premises. If your car park allows access to other roads, it’s often the case that “rat runs” develop at busy times of the day. This causes severe hazards to all pedestrians in the area, including your employees walking to or from their cars.

How does this benefit my employees?

All your workers will feel a lot safer once you’ve fitted car park barrier systems. Any worries held about vindictive trespass for malign activities will be laid to rest. Just some trespass activities that could be foiled by an effective car park barrier system include burglary, car theft, arson or even terrorism. It’s more likely that car theft, vandalism, and petty burglaries will be your main concern; and also be the major worry for workers. In this respect, fitting car park barriers means they won’t need to keep popping to windows or outside to check their vehicles are safe.

Of course, fitting car park barriers also make it safer for your workers to enter and leave the workplace. Modern work practices often mean employees work overtime or businesses operate 24/7. Even when security lighting is in place, employees needing to get to and from their cars during the hours of darkness are likely to experience worry. Once your car park barrier system is fitted, you remove any worries about unauthorised trespassers hanging around in darker areas of your car park. The same is true of all visitors and clients to your car park, of course.

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