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Written by tpsindustrial on February 17, 2020 in Construction

Industrial gates are an effective method of security that actively restrict vehicles from entering and exiting your premises, keeping sites as well-protected as possible during or out of business hours. If you are looking to add further security, protection and privacy for your business, be it a commercial site or area of offices, industrial gates offer a practical, reliable and long-lasting solution. Even if you already have security doors or barriers, you may benefit from the added control over who can enter your premises. If you have decided that commercial gates will be a helpful addition to your business, you may be wondering about the different types and which will be most effective for your needs.

Different opening methods

Swing gates:

When it comes to industrial security, swing gates are one of the most cost-effective types of automatic gate system. This type is made with hinges to swing open and allow access. Swing gates are most commonly used to provide added security to industrial sites, schools, distribution centres and hospitals, offering a reliable security method that is built to withstand day-to-day use. However, swing gates are not suitable for all locations. They require level ground in order to close and open properly, and they also require a large enough space that will allow the gates to swing open fully. If you have a site suitable for swing gates, you can choose to have them installed with a discrete below-ground mechanism or a standard arm.

Sliding gates:

Commercial sliding gates are an especially suitable option for sites with large openings that need to be protected. Sliding gates are generally regarded to offer more protection than swing gates, and when used with a cantilever system they are also able to continue to work through snow, ice and other extreme weather conditions. The cantilevered method of open and close can be installed on uneven and sloping ground, and it doesn’t need a ground track. However, sliding gates can also be fitted with the tracked method, but this could be affected by weather conditions. Both types of sliding gates will need a runback space in order to be installed.

Telescopic gates:

If you have a space that requires additional security but does not have a large entrance area space, telescopic gates are the industrial gates solution for you. This type of gate fits into a smaller space once open, meaning it can be installed easily into areas that tracked or cantilevered gate openings can’t. This type of gate can also be opened and closed much quicker, leading to speedy entry and exit.

Different opening mechanisms

Whichever style industrial gate you choose, you will also need to decide on the most efficient opening mechanism for your site. Key-code methods are a popular method that has stood the test of time over the decades, however, it will be important for your business to stay on top of changing the code to keep your site as secure as possible. An intercom system can also be used to provide added control over who enters the site, or a security booth that allows for a more tailored service. Each business will suit a different method, based on the number of people who will need to come in and out each day and the resources available.

Once you have taken a look at the particular requirements of your business and entry space, it should be easy to choose the right industrial gates for your site, allowing you much more security and control over who enters your premises.

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