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Written by tpsindustrial on March 17, 2020 in Travel

If your business has a dedicated car parking area, you may be considering having car park barriers installed. Unfortunately, there are many common misconceptions about car park barriers which we shall debunk below, to ensure you have an accurate understanding of the benefits of barriers Bristol based.

1. Car park barriers make a business look unsafe

It is a common misconception that entry and exit barriers make a business look unsafe, as some people believe barriers are only required in areas with a high crime rate. This is completely false. When employees and customers see parking barriers, they actually feel safer leaving their car as they can be confident the restricted access will keep their car away from opportunistic criminals.

2. Barrier control systems are only suitable for large car parks

Some individuals believe barrier control systems, such as intercom and card reader systems, can only be installed in large parking areas. In reality, barrier control systems can be installed in small parking areas as they do not require a lot of space to install. This makes them ideal for businesses that have limited parking space and want to ensure their parking space is not used by unauthorised individuals.

3. Fitting parking barriers is an inconvenience for employees

One myth relating to car park barriers is that employees find them difficult, or inconvenient to use. All of the parking barrier systems available through TPS Gates and Doors are straight forward and simple to use. Further, in today’s world where jobs are rarely 9-5, employees appreciate having a safe, secure area to access their car when it is dark. It can also improve employee productivity as employees will not need to move their car during the day because of parking restrictions or feel the need to check if their car is secure throughout the day.

5. Parking barriers can cause car parks to overflow

It is a misconception that because car park barriers make a car park a more appealing place to park, the area will soon overflow. In actuality, car park barriers can regulate individual access and ensure once the area has reached its limit, no more cars will be permitted. This prevents cars from parking unsafely or blocking one another due to a lack of spaces.

6. Barrier systems can negatively affect evacuation plans

Due to potentially slowing how quickly a car can exit a car park, it is a misconception that barrier systems can negatively affect an emergency evacuation plan. Barrier systems affectively prevent cars from cutting through your car park to shorten their journey time. For this reason, they reduce car park hazards and can make exiting a car park more efficient. Plus, regulated car park access ensures there is always room for emergency service vehicles, making a place of work safer should an accident happen.

7. Parking barriers cannot be connected to bollards

Some misinformed individuals believe parking barriers and bollards operate on separate systems and cannot be connected. In reality, with modern technology barrier systems can be connected with bollards to provide total security in a parking area. Traffic lights and safety loops can also be added to rising bollard systems to further protect the safety of your parking area.

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